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Hotel Michelangelo Milan

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The Hotel Michelangelo is located in Via Domenico Scarlatti 44. It is situated close to the Central Railway Station of Milan. The hotel enjoys an optimal situation that allows you to spare your time and money. Thanks to the optimal public means of transport and the vicinity to the Underground, you can reach every point of Milan in a few minutes.

If you would like to visit Duomo: take the underground MM1 from the nearby station of “Lima” and get off after 4 stops directly in “Duomo”. If you would like to enjoy the panoramic views over the city, we suggest you arrive before 17.00.

If you would like to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie: if you would like to see Cenacolo Vinciano (better known as “L'Ultima Cena”), take the MM1 in “Lima” and get off at the stop “Cadorna”. Considering the big influx of tourists, we suggest you book the tickets some months before. Alternatively, you can arrive at 8.15 am and hope that some booking will be cancelled, because it often happens.

If you would like to visit La Scala: take the MM1 in “Lima” and get off at “Duomo”. La Scala is located behind the church and the famous Gallery of Milan. You cannot get wrong.

If you would like to see Stadium San Siro Meazza: take the MM1 direction centre and get off at “Lotto”. In this stadium play the two teams of the city both Milan and Inter.

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